Kitten in Toolshed

By Ben Folds

16x20 Silver Gelatin Print


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A fellow was repairing one of my great microphones from my studio - they’re old and tend to rot like food.  Very high maintenance.  Wasting time in his garage, like the kitten.

Many of these images were captured on traditional film, shot on a Leica M3 or Rolleiflex - the negative scanned.  Others are digital photos, shot with a Leica Monochrom or Sony and adjusted in a digital darkroom. I’ve spend a good bit of my adult life in a darkroom - I’m interested in the best possible classic print, informed by the process of the traditional darkroom.  Digital Silver Imaging of Boston MA has a unique Ilford system that can take my adjustments and deliver a Silver Gelatin print - Silver prints will be stamped with our seal of authenticity.  A traditional archival bad assed darkroom print. 

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