Last Wave of 2014

By Ben Folds

16x20 Silver Gelatin Print


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I got too close.  It drenched me, but my camera is tough!  Emma’s was not so fortunate.  RIP little shitty digital camera of non disclosed make.


Leica Monochrom


Bondi Beach

New Year 2015

Many of these images were captured on traditional film, shot on a Leica M3 or Rolleiflex - the negative scanned.  Others are digital photos, shot with a Leica Monochrom or Sony and adjusted in a digital darkroom. I’ve spend a good bit of my adult life in a darkroom - I’m interested in the best possible classic print, informed by the process of the traditional darkroom.  Digital Silver Imaging of Boston MA has a unique Ilford system that can take my adjustments and deliver a Silver Gelatin print - Silver prints will be stamped with our seal of authenticity.  A traditional archival bad assed darkroom print. 

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