Gabe Cabezas (of yMusic) 2015

By Ben Folds

Hand signed by Ben
17 x 22


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These are the prints that I make in my apartment on an Epson printer on Epson and Hahnemuhle papers.  I generally make one for myself and a few others while I’m at it. I sign, coat and sleeve them and they live in the closet in the limited time I have between tours and recording.  I don’t tend to revisit them - once they’re out the door, they’re off the site.  These are museum quality prints that need homes.  I’m not interested in numbering or declaring limited editions etc to jack the price, as I’m quite happy with my day job.  The price is well below market value.   (All images on this site can be made to order as a Silver Gelatin Print, which is a traditional darkroom print - see FULL GALLERY)

For special requests, feel free to email us here.